Are there any restrictions to enter the attraction?

PARANOIA is not for those with heart problems, epilepsy and pregnant women.  PARANOIA reserves the right to restrict entry for people who are/seem to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol. PARANOIA does not tolerate discrimination, drug use or violence on the property.



This place was fantastic hadn’t had a good scare like that since I was a child... I would definitely go again... we went w/ a group a five which makes it a little bit easier to handle I can’t imagine going in by myself or with only 2 people... The owner is extremely nice and funny. Can’t wait to go again!!!
Tiffiny Gilbert
chickened out as of November 7

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you chicken out before your turn you are welcome to refuse admission however you will NOT be refunded. Sorry! NO REFUNDS.

Several factors determine how long it will take to go through the PARANOIA maze, some guests move quickly through the maze while other guests take their time and move more slowly. Another determining factor is dependent on the number of guests already in line, how fast the greeter is letting guests in & how quickly the other guests before you finish the maze. On average, it will take approximately 15-20 minutes from the time you enter the attraction to the time you leave the attraction. This does not include waiting in line.  We do not accept reservations.

Sorry, refunds are not accepted on any purchase including: tickets, drinks, apparel or souvenirs, etc.

YES! All you need to do is shout “PARANOIA” & one of our staff members will escort you to the safe zone immediately.

NO, however teenagers over the age of 8 are permitted entrance with an accompanying parent/guardian.

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