Rules and Regulations


1. Entrance with cell phone(s)/camera(s) is strictly prohibited.

2. Entrance with lighters, lasers, flashlights or anything contributing to light is strictly prohibited. Entrance with weapons of any kind is strictly prohibited.

3. Guests are not permitted to wear hoodies, masks, bandannas or anything covering the face.

4. Running, pushing & jumping is strictly prohibited

5. Bullying or fighting of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result in further consequences if determined by our staff.

6. Guests are not permitted to touch anything inside of the PARANOIA black out maze including but not limited to props, staff and fixtures besides those encountered during the maze.

7. PARANOIA is not responsible for theft or damages to guests or their property. (Lockers are provided)


PARANOIA has the right to refuse admittance of any patron who does not follow posted rules or gets out of control as determined by PARANOIA staff. Examples include the following: weapons of any kind, use of foul language, aggressive behaviour, pushing, vulgar action, alcohol use or disuse prior to or during the event.

The only placeto make you scream, laugh, sweat and cry!

I took my daughter to wynwood for her birthday and found out about this place just by chance. It made our night!! So much fun! I didn’t know what to expect. The man at the front desk was awesome, the venue itself was amazing, and it really made my daughter’s birthday special. Thank you for scaring the crap out of us. We loved it!

Laura Werder Kokus


This place was fantastic hadn’t had a good scare like that since I was a child… I would definitely go again… we went w/ a group a five which makes it a little bit easier to handle I can’t imagine going in by myself or with only 2 people… The owner is extremely nice and funny. Can’t wait to go again.

Tiffiny Gilbert


Definitely scary for people who are scared of the dark. The guy at the front desk said it would take an average of 15mins by walking. Me and my girlfriend took our time through and got stuck in some spots on the way through and still made it out in 9mins. If you are someone that is scared of the dark and loud noises then this will be right up your alley as you don’t see anything except for all of about 5-6 times. You touch and feel your way through narrow halls. Definitely a cool experience but not something I thought was worth $25 a person.

Cleopatra West


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